Travel the World and Be a Story Teller to Others

Putting off your experiences is probably the best way to express because sometimes the happiness comes out more on reading accounts. Blogs are a great way to get your experiences and messages across to others and travel blogs are some of the most sought after. Before packing your bags and ordering your tickets, check out the best travel blogs for more information.

A little extra information is always better and here’s a list of some crazy traveler blogs that will help you out on that ‘extra’ before you head out on your trip.

1. Backpacker –

Managed and managed by the very energetic Sebastian, he is an avid traveler who is also a story teller. Sebastian is a Marketing consultant by profession and adventure seeker and motivational speaker with a passion. Her blogs will bring you closer to nature as her photos are perfectly clicked and she looks very happy, which in turn makes readers happy.

2. Desi travelers –

This is an old horse and stable in the race and will help you get all the information if you are more of a traveler and less of a tourist. This blog is one of the best travel blogs and is all about personal travel stories and experiences and some really beautiful photos. The blogger places more emphasis on the local life and culture of the places he visits and explains details that we don’t know.

3. What Dave Did –

Started by Dave Dean, this blog is about the never ending road trip. Dave is a literal corporate dropout and he started his journey with a backpack, laptop and no return ticket in 2011. He doesn’t know where he’s headed and this is what will keep readers even more engrossed. He started working from the road and today his blog has hundreds of followers.

4. Sarah Somewhere –

This beautiful woman does everything flawlessly and her blog is proof that she is a dreamer and she definitely dreams of traveling. His favorite place is the trip to Nepal Everest Base Camp. You get a lot of information about where you can travel and seek adventures even if you are alone and on a budget.

5. Baldhiker –

This is a blog started by Paul Steele and bears a caption that says “rambling around Paul Steele and his friends”. He is a hiker and loves to travel along mountains and valleys covered with lush greenery with silver snow. Her photos of all her travel experiences are enough to guide you on a tour. The way she manages her blog and it’s simplicity make it one of the best travel blogs.

6. Backpackers Story –

StephenFeature Articles, the man behind this initiative is an inspiration. He shows how each of us should have the courage to avoid all fears and pursue our dreams. He decided finally that he would leave behind a fake life in this materialistic world and sparked his dream of a full-time journey. This is him here who travels without limits now and is known for his cruise tours.

7.The Missing Boy’s Memoirs –

Dreams are not fulfilled with all roses. Likewise Ryan’s dream of becoming an avid traveler is not made of all ease and in his blog he writes about all the opportunities he has faced and then again about all the happiness he has cherished as a memory of all his tours. This blog is an inspiration to all those who are rethinking about fulfilling their dream of becoming a traveler. …